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Enlarged Prostate - Dr Jennifer Kong

Enlarged prostate

Benign prostate hyperplasia is common and occurs increasingly as men get older.
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Kidney Stones - Dr Jennifer Kong

Kidney stones

Kidney stones can block your kidney and cause severe pain.
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Male incontinence - Dr Jennifer Kong

Male incontinence

Incontinence after prostate cancer surgery can severely affect mental health.
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Sacral neuromodulation Dr Jenni Kong

Sacral neuromodulation

Sacral neuromodulation or sacral nerve stimulation is gentle electrical stimulation of the sacral spinal nerves.
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Perth Urologist

Urology services

Dr Jennifer Kong is a Perth urologist providing treatment for a full range of urological conditions.

Perth Urologist

About Jennifer Kong

Dr Jennifer Kong is passionate about her profession. Her strong desire to make a difference to people’s lives was the driving force in her desire to become a doctor. Surgery was a natural choice but she particularly enjoys the ability to help a person through physical means.

Dr Kong values the privilege of her profession, it’s humbling nature and the many dimensions and challenges it presents.

Dr Kong’s experience in both Ireland and Australia, across a wide variety of specialties, gave her an insight into the uniqueness of urology as a discipline: the constant improvement in surgical techniques, the adoption of innovative technology, the collegiate environment and the value of work-life balance.

Perth Urologist

Plan your care

Ready to make an appointment with Dr Jennifer Kong? Check the frequently asked questions and make an appointment here.

Dr Kong will review your referral and all available results. During your consultation she will discuss your symptoms and concerns. She will assess whether you will need further tests or procedures and answer any questions you have regarding your care. Please bring a list of your medications and any tests you have had done recently that may be relevant.

If you would like to see Dr Kong please have a referral sent from your GP or specialist. All relevant scans and test results should be sent with the referral.

Dr Kong can make urgent appointments if deemed necessary by your referring doctor. Call or email to make your appointment.

Dr Kong understands there is often a concern about financial implications of healthcare and ‘hidden’ fees. Where possible Dr Kong aims to provide transparency regarding her fees and those that may be incurred when having treatment.

She provides quotes for consultations prior to all appointments and will always consider the financial burden when patients are in hardship.

She is a no gap provider for all major health funds and will provide details of the anaesthetists and pathology providers if their services will be needed.

Dr Kong operates at:

  • SJOG Subiaco Hospital
  • SJOG Mt Lawley Hospital
  • Hollywood Hospital

Kong Urology | Dr Jennifer Kong

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Dr Jennifer Kong consults in
West Leederville close to SJOG Subiaco

164 Cambridge Street