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Find out more about Dr Kong’s qualifications, her work experience and the particular reasons why she chose to be a surgeon and a urologist.

Perth urologist Dr Jennifer Kong


Dr Kong was trained here in Western Australia after having significant surgical experience in Melbourne.

Dr Jennifer Kong holds the following qualifications:


Dr Jennifer Kong is a WA-trained urologist and a member of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand.

She obtained her medical degree at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and returned to Australia in 2011 having gained an insight into the Irish medical system.

After fellowship, Dr Kong did a sabbatical in Glasgow, Scotland and Birmingham, UK in functional and reconstructive urology.

Dr Kong is a Perth based consultant urologist with particular interests in:

Dr Kong operates at:

  • SJOG Subiaco Hospital
  • SJOG Mt Lawley Hospital
  • Hollywood Hospital

She has a public appointment at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and Osborne Park Hospital.

She visits Esperance regularly, providing a service to the Goldfields region.

Choosing Dr Jennifer Kong

Why Dr Jennifer Kong

Dr Jennifer Kong is passionate about her profession. Her strong desire to make a difference to people’s lives was the driving force in her desire to become a doctor. Surgery was a natural choice but she particularly enjoys the ability to help a person through physical means.

Dr Kong values the privilege of her profession, it’s humbling nature and the many dimensions and challenges it presents.

Dr Kong’s experience in both Ireland and Australia, across a wide variety of specialties, gave her an insight into the uniqueness of urology as a discipline: the constant improvement in surgical techniques, the adoption of innovative technology, the collegiate environment and the value of work-life balance.

Expertise Dr Jennifer Kong

Other experiences

Dr Kong is involved in the training of future urologists in WA. She has held positions as the WA Regional Training Supervisor, sitting on the Board of Urology and the USANZ curriculum review committee, and implementing a contemporary training program for urology trainees.

Dr Kong believes in maintaining the highest standards when training specialists and nurtures a strong passion for training the surgeons of tomorrow.

Dr Kong strongly supports an inclusive and fair working environment in medicine. She is a mentor for the UWA surgical society mentorship program and previously was the Women In Surgery WA representative for the WA Royal Australasian College of Surgeons committee.

Private urologist Dr Jennifer Kong

About Dr Kong’s private practice

In her practice, Dr Kong strives for individualised patient centred care. She advocates for patient’s autonomy in decision making and encourages questions and open discussion regarding options and possible outcomes. Seeing her patients get better is one of the most rewarding aspects for her as a surgeon.

Dr Kong believes in empowering you and counselling you in your treatment. She wants her patients to make informed decisions and sees her role as making sure you understand the risks and benefits of whatever you choose. She believes that as the patient, you will be happy with your decision if you choose the right one for you. She will help you make that decision.

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