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Urological Treatments

On this page, Dr Jennifer Kong lists the other urological treatments she provides.

urological treatment for upper tract problems

Upper tract surgery

Dr Kong is experienced and trained in the Investigation and treatment of all urological upper tract problems.

She can manage and diagnose upper tract lesions/ obstruction including:

  • PUJ obstruction
  • Kidney masses / cancer
  • Kidney cysts

Urological treatment: Urethral reconstruction

Urethral reconstructive surgery

Urethral reconstruction is surgery for urethral strictures where there is a scar in the waterpipe causing blockage.

Patients often have difficulty urinating or recurrent infections. Many patients have had temporary widening or dilatation of their scar but for many it is not a long term solution.

Urethral reconstruction may be an option after a patient has failed a previous dilatation and their stricture returns. It can also be an option instead of long term self dilatation.

The major benefit is the long term treatment of the stricture which means no more self dilation or recurrent dilatations.

  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Time with catheter
  • Failure of graft
  • Recurrent stricture
  • Diverticulum
  • Spraying
  • Fistula

Lining of the inner cheek is often taken for this operation – pain / bleeding / tightness / salivary duct injury (rare)

urological treatment Perth

Urological treatment for bladder cancer

Bladder cancer surgery

When a mass is found in the bladder Dr Kong will usually recommend a TURBT (transurethral resection of bladder tumour).

It is an operation that does not require any cuts.

The mass is scraped from the inside of the bladder with a special telescope. The procedure usually requires an overnight stay in hospital. The mass is sent for examination.

Dr Kong will be able to tell you then what it is and how deep it has invaded. Many tumours can be cured with this procedure alone.

After the diagnosis is made, Dr Kong may advise :

  • Surveying your bladder with camera tests
  • Chemical treatments into your bladder to prevent recurrence
  • Repeat scraping / TURBT
  • Radical cystectomy / radiation / chemotherapy for bladder cancers that have invaded deeply

Urological treatment for kidney cancer

Kidney cancer surgery

Many patients have small renal masses identified during routine scans.

Dr Kong will review your scans and inform you of the likelihood of cancer and the possible options for treatment if indicated.

Many options exist in the management of small renal masses. Some patients may be offered surgery.

Treatment options for small renal masses include:

  • Surgery – partial or radical
  • Watching / surveying
  • Biopsy
  • Ablation
  • Radiotherapy
Partial nephrectomy is the removal of the small mass and preservation of the rest of the kidney. Dr Kong will assess whether your mass is appropriate for keyhole or open removal.

Radical nephrectomy is removal of the whole kidney. This is performed keyhole in the majority of cases.

Patients with large masses or ones where a partial is not possible are usually recommended radical nephrectomy.

Urological treatment Perth

General adult urology

Dr Kong is a general urologist who has experience and training across a wide breadth of urological conditions.

In addition to the above conditions she sees patients with :

  • Overactive bladder symptoms
  • Recurrent UTIs
  • Haematuria (blood in the urine)
  • Prostate cancer
  • High PSA
  • Kidney Cysts
  • Scrotal swellings- hydrocele / epididymal cysts
  • Phimosis
  • Penile curvature
  • Ureteric cancer
  • Obstruction of the kidney / ureter
  • PUJ obstruction

Dr Kong does not see patients 14yo or less.

Dr Kong does not manage female stress incontinence, prolapse or erectile dysfunction.

Urological surgeon Perth

Why Dr Kong as your urologist?

Dr Jennifer Kong | Perth urologist

Dr Kong is committed to her patients and wants them to be informed at every step of their journey. Her patient’s experience and care is the focus of her practice. She aims for her patients to be empowered and informed so they can make the best choices for them. She understands that managing one’s health, logistics of appointments, technology and the financial implications of healthcare are confusing and scary.

Dr Kong aims for her patients to always be confident that she is there for them every step of the way in their journey.

She works in both public and private sectors and is committed to multidisciplinary care. She works closely with colleagues so patients can be referred if ever they wish to have a treatment not offered by Dr Kong.

Dr Kong consults weekly and can see urgent patients within a week. In cases of emergency she can admit directly to the hospital if necessary. She welcomes calls from GPs who need to refer a patient urgently or need advice.

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